Contemporary Art


Contemporary Art

Ettore Sottsass at the Triennale in Milan

“There is a Planet” is the name of a monographic exhibition devoted to Ettore Sottsass…

Music, art and passion

Luigi Borgato’s history is a beautiful one, made of passion and recklessness too, a history…


Contemporary Art

Something Resembling Truth

The Royal Academy (of Arts), located in London, will host the greatest Jasper Johns’s retrospective…


Contemporary Art

From selfie to self expression

In 2013 the Oxford Dictionary selected ‘selfie’ as ‘word of the year’, however it was…


Contemporary Art

An Assassination in Turkey, an inevitable tale

Until May 21st 2017 in Rome and Bari the pictures that won the World Press Photo…


Contemporary Art

Intertwined threads and suspended objects

There was a place filled with poetry in Paris at the beginning of 2017, right…


Contemporary Art

Stairs, steps and landings

Le Corbusier defined them as architectural promenades that not only enable us to change our…


Contemporary Art

Steve McCurry. Icons

Some time ago I went to Sicily, where I couldn’t miss the exhibition of one…

Artisan bladesmiths

I often talk about art on these virtual pages of mine, and I love to…


Contemporary Art

The Getty Center in Los Angeles

Last summer I stopped by Los Angeles where I visited what I can only now…


Contemporary Art

A new patronage of the arts?

Not long ago I wrote on this blog about Naoshima, the Japanese island since the…


Contemporary Art

The Floating Piers

As a contemporary art enthusiast, I can no longer contain my joy of having been…