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I am an entrepreneur, a sportsman and for some time now also a youtuber. But I am also an art lover, an incurable wonderer and, above all, I am the father of three children. All this has made my life an exciting adventure, always in search of what is new and disruptive. I like to quote Fr Giussani:


I can say that I have made it my mantra, it describes my way of dealing with life, from sport to work, from career to free time.

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Alessandro Benetton

After studying in the United States, between Boston University and Harvard, and after an experience in finance at Goldman Sachs, at the age of twenty-eight I founded 21 Invest, which at the time was a pioneer of private equity in Italy, and today is an international group with offices in Treviso, Milan, Paris and Warsaw. A choice that is well reflected by the words bravery, independence and discontinuity, which are very close to my heart because they represent my path and what I try to be every day.

Bravery was what I needed to leave the family business and face the unexplored, marking a new path. Independence was the real spark that led me to the choice of doing business on my own two feet, imagining an autonomous future for myself.

And, finally, I embraced discontinuity, the ability to turn the page and manage changes, in life as in the companies owned by the group, which today boast a total of almost 2 billion euros in turnover and 10,000 employees.

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21 Invest today represents all this, but also sustainability, another fundamental driver for the investments of the group, which does not look at short-term economic indicators, but at long-term growth and at the creation of shared value for all stakeholders, as promoted by Michael Porter with his Shared Value initiative, of which 21 is a member.

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The Alpine World Ski Championships: a strong passion and a long tradition, which I am proud to have carried forward as the President of the Cortina 2021 Foundation.

Cortina 2021