I believe that perfection is an overrated concept. You will say that no one likes to make mistakes, while everyone likes the idea of being perfect. But do you know what is the only possible way to be perfect? Doing nothing. Yes, because if in your life you try to do something, anything, well, then you can be sure that you will encounter obstacles that will make you face your own imperfection. But it is precisely there, in that imperfection, that you will find the spark of change.

It is because of an obstacle that at the age of 28 I decided to become an entrepreneur and founded 21 Invest.

Alessandro Benetton Bianco e Nero


I use social media to share my point of view on the world, interact with young people, meet professionals and learn new things: I really appreciate constructive dialogue and I believe in mutual contamination.


What does the future hold for us? To fully understand the evolutions and innovations of the business sectors that surround us, I try to observe them from the inside, comparing myself with their leading figures.


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Why don’t we sit down and have a chat about important issues in our professional life? Just the time it takes to have a coffee, I promise.