UNHATE rewarded at the Cannes Festival



Recently we received a recognition of which I am very proud. At the important Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, that ended on June 23rd, the UNHATE campaign won the Press Grand Prix, an accolade that rewards the best international print campaign.

The accolade was given in recognition of the courage of the idea, the strength of a viewpoint, a company and a brand, United Colors of Benetton, which live in our times with a powerful social conscience. But above all it is an important recognition for Fabrica, Benetton’s communication research centre, where UNHATE originated: a place of experimentation and vision, whose attention is constantly focused on the world and the differences that make us all unique.
In short, it is a result that belongs to many people and fills me with pride and satisfaction. From the outset I strongly believed in this campaign, that “propels Benetton into the 21st Century”, as Forbes magazine put it.

To conclude, I would like to quote Adriano Olivetti, the celebrated and visionary entrepreneur who, in the Italy of the 50s, reinvented the very concept of business and the idea of its role within society. “A factory cannot look solely to its profit index”, he stated. “It must distribute wealth, culture, services and democracy”. I think this idea, revolutionary for its time, is today the foundation on which to build the business of the future: a business that is first and foremost an individual, a social player, that can express a point of view on the world and contribute, as far as possible, to improving people’s lives.