Italy: a country of young entrepreneurs



I dedicated much of the early stages of my career to start-ups and, in general, small to medium-sized businesses with potential for growth.

I still remember the extraordinary energy that went into building these companies and I can still feel that passion. I was very positively surprised by a recent report in the Italian media: in the first quarter of 2012 in Italy there will be, for the first time, more people in their twenties setting up their own businesses than with traditional jobs.

This means that young generations do have great ideas, skills, curiosity, quick reactions, an openness to the world and plenty of courage.

It is a striking change in perspective. People are no longer just looking for traditional work; their first choice is to “create” work. Most importantly, they want to develop their own, original ideas, to challenge the markets and face the competition. I can strongly relate to this and I will come back to it again soon.