Postcard from Japan: harmony of opposites



Every visit to Japan reconciles the spirit and more. That perpetual balance between tradition and modernity, where the charm of tradition clashes and blends on a daily basis with new cultures and cutting-edge technology, makes me feel good.

I just returned from a business trip to Tokyo and Kyoto, and would like to share with you a few moments of escapism from the commitments of day-to-day life. Between the past and the future, this is the Japan that I love. In Kyoto I visited Sanjusangen-do Temple, considered a national treasure, and the gardens of Sho-ren-in, among the most beautiful in Japan.

The impression is one of solemnity and peace, as if these places, even today, transmit and conserve a sense of respect for nature and all things sacred. I think that the bold and innovative modernity, so impelling in Japan, owes much to the care and respect that exists for tradition and its everlasting conservation.