Paris, the aftermath



In the last few days Paris has been in everyone’s hearts and minds, and what happened on November 13th will probably mark a turning point in the history of Europe.

On November 24th we ended up in the French capital for 21 Investimenti’s Annual Investor Meeting. We wanted to deliver a strong message: despite what happened, we must go on. After all, entrepreneurs are optimists by definition. We now need to deal more with all aspects of security, nevertheless, believing in the future is naturally in the DNA of those, like us, dedicated to building value and wealth. In this occasion I’ve focused on what I now consider a sort of new mantra: the social role of enterprises, which have always been and will increasingly be a lab for civil society as a whole. A place of hospitality defined by people’s ability to coexist regardless of their different religion, culture and geographical origin. Too often we think of enterprises as profit-centered entities only interested in a return on their investments.

In Paris we have instead presented our vision, in which enterprises are an important tool for integration and development, where responsibility and performance are mutually compatible rather than being conflicting concepts.