Art for the Blind



There are several reasons that pushed me to take part to the presentation for Art for the Blind, an experimental project that will enable the visually impaired to get to know and read the Ara Pacis. One of them is undoubtedly the 80-year-long experience of a company such as SIFI – a market leader in the ophthalmology field subsidised by 21 Investimenti, whose excellence I have already remarked upon many times in the past – but moreover the beauty and the universal message of peace of this location, the importance of new technology and all those who will benefit from it.

This initiative marks a significant improvement in the quality of life of people suffering from this disability, who for the first time will be able to play a lead role in the emotions evoked by art masterpieces. It was touching to hear what visually-impaired art enthusiast Deborah Tramentozzi had to say: she delivered a lesson in which she invited us to not hold back, to dig deep in order to get to know things better and appreciate their value to the fullest.

I’ve also found very interesting the work carried out by Tooteko, a Venice-based startup that designed an incredibly innovative audio tactile device that fully embodies our philosophy of social commitment. Responsibility and performance should always be mutually compatible.

I’ve been asked to express my opinion on the social role of enterprises. A company should be considered a social lab where people coexist. Our lives are bound together on many levels and it would be anachronistic to think that there always has to be a dichotomy between usefulness and beauty, profit and social commitment, technology and art. We deliver innovation when we manage to identify an osmosis, a communication channel to link each different moment. We must go beyond the old concept of corporate social responsibility, and embrace a new one, made of 360-degree commitment and engagement.