Marina Abramović Institute, a house for performance art


Contemporary Art

Marina Abramović, a Serbian artist who has been living in New York for a while, is a living icon of performance art: it’s not an exaggeration to say that her mere presence makes the world that surrounds her vibrate with energy.

A few years ago, Marina Abramović held an unforgettable workshop with us in Fabrica. Today, thinking about it again, I am even more drawn by the idea that this great artist, at a certain point in her career, felt the need to share her incredible experience and dedicate part of her time to creating a unique place, that helps to change your self-perception through an awareness of your physical and mental experience.

In fact, her latest project is the construction of the Mai (Marina Abramović Institute), a centre dedicated to the presentation and conservation of performance art, with the aim of encouraging collaboration between art, science, technology and spirituality. Abramović has already raised almost a million dollars that will allow work to begin on the refurbishment of the site, a disused building in a town an hour from New York. The task has been assigned to the great Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas.