Lisbon story for Fabrica


Contemporary Art

Fabrica, the centre for communication of which I am president, recently participated in the Lisbon Architecture Triennale as part of the exhibition “The Institute Effect”. Twelve institutions were asked to visually take over, in turn, the spaces of the MUDE, the Design and Fashion museum.

Fabrica was to first to display: our team of designers created a show entitled “Institutare, which took the form of a series of workshops with local students, during which modular systems were designed and made. The “teams” which came after could then subsequently use, modify and adapt these to their needs.

The result: some of the “pieces” designed are really interesting and in fact I hope that we can bring a few items back to Fabrica. More than anything though, everyone had fun and found the experience very constructive, in line with the spirit of doing and sharing which has always been an integral part of Fabrica.