Lateral thinking, courage, the ‘right’ time and discontinuity



In an interview with Pietro Senaldi, the Editor in Chief of Italian newspaper Libero, I talk about our Country, but also about lateral thinking, courage, the ‘right’ time and discontinuity, which I regard as the four cardinal points of my life.

Considering the phase our country is currently going through, I believe that what we need at the moment are leadership, knowledge and planning. We need to change the structural paradigms and use power to build rather than to stop, starting from supporting our numerous young talents.

We need to find the strength to leave the old behind and embrace the new. Bureaucracy, justice, education, Constitution: everything must be revisited on the basis of the opportunity for development for enterprises, which, let’s not forget, have an important social role. Without enterprises there is no work, and with no work there is neither family nor society.

At 21 Investimenti we help businesses that have reached the crossroads – where they need to change perspective in order to grow – take the plunge and attain higher levels of quality. It’s called lateral thinking: we need it to avoid making the same mistakes made in the past, and to find the courage to change.