King of the chefs, René Redzepi: never stop playing!



Nowadays, chefs are big stars, whose opinions attract a following that goes far beyond the gourmet world. The proof? Phaidon, a publisher specialising in art and design, has recently published the third book by Rene Redzepi, the celebrated chef of Noma in Copenhagen who, at the age of 32, found himself crowned the best cook in the world. The format of the publication is quite unusual; in three parts, one of which is in the form of a diary. The book provides an interesting opportunity to look behind the scenes, to discover that behind a famous person there is always a personality with an interesting story. Especially when he views his success as a turning point and not as an end in itself.

In his diary for the 10th anniversary of the Noma, that just in these days ranked First in the World’s best 50 Restaurants, Rene talks about what happens when you get to the top, the fear of already having said everything there is to say. Of being entangled in a life where the illustrious past becomes a psychological obstacle to plans for the present. “Writing the diary was important for this reason – to stay open and break the mould that made me famous.” Enjoying life, not being afraid of change. An approach I couldn’t agree more with: no matter how great the things you’ve done, it is important to know how to keep on growing. We often impose limits on ourselves when we allow others to define our successes. But the real challenge always lies with oneself – believing in the future, starting without baggage. Playing every game, never stopping.