Forno D’Asolo’s challenge



In an interview for ‘IL Gazzettino’ newspaper, I’ve described a thrilling entrepreneurial challenge: in 2014 we acquired Forno d’Asolo and in March 2016 the Treviso company in turn bought La Donatella – a patisserie with a €30m turnover located in Jesolo whose specialities include traditional Tiramisu – which resulted in the group’s turnover swiftly increasing from €70m to €115m.

In these past two years we have strongly invested in technology: a seven-storey (three of which underground), futuristic, automated, refrigerated warehouse, now complete with the world’s most advanced and cutting-edge croissant-producing machine. Last year the number of employees in our workforce increased from 250 to 495, and we are looking to hire more this year. I like investing in young people, as I strongly believe it is part of that social responsibility every entrepreneur should have.