Believing in small and medium enterprises



When I was interviewed by Paolo Possamai, the newly-appointed director of all daily publications of the Finegil group, I dealt with a few issues concerning the state of the industrial sector in Italy and the North East.

I’ve noticed increased awareness in regards to the fact that we are no longer part of a negative cycle. We are currently experiencing a new phase where instability seems to be playing a key role, a factor that needs to be dealt with and that eventually will lead us towards more discontinuity. There are big opportunities ahead for those able to immediately spring to action and ride the changes, and we can be hopeful because there is now a deeper understanding of the nature of this challenge.

According to an old saying, we only get old when our regrets overtake our dreams. Del Vecchio, an Italian expert on discontinuity, is currently and once again putting himself on the line. And I really admire his intrepidness and courage.