F1 gets underway: a postcard from the 90’s



Over the last few months, for a new project I am particularly passionate about, I have been putting my past in order. I have opened cupboards, drawers, boxes and I began to rummage around in my memories, to “join the dots”– as Steve Jobs suggested – and see what emerged.

This photograph illustrates a very important chapter in my life, a period lasting ten years, from 1988 to 1999. Looking back on it today, it truly seems like a postcard from the past. At that time I was working at Goldman Sachs in London, close to our team headquarters, which meant that I was the one who dealt directly with many of the issues relating to the creation and development of Benetton-Ford.

On Sunday the Formula One Championship gets underway, and looking at this photo today, I can’t help but notice how many things have changed in a relatively short period. Back then, Formula One was much more of a “craft” than it is today: a few small teams, driven by the passion of a small number of enthusiasts, who managed to achieve great results with relatively limited resources.

I have great memories of that time: from an exciting adventure and a decidedly “experimental” beginning, our presence in Formula One transformed into a real success story. For the team, for the brand, for me, thanks to the opportunity I had to follow this story so closely. And for that young German driver –properly “retired” this year – who looked so promising!