David Bowie, a living artwork, on display at the V&A


Contemporary Art

For those who were growing up in the 70s and 80s like me, with his provocations and eccentric clothing, Davie Bowie was a real revolution. Even before becoming a rock superstar, Bowie was, and is still, a complete performer, who understood the importance of personal style before anyone else and made himself – his image, his persona – a true experimental artistic canvas.

For this reason, I hope to have the chance to see the exhibition dedicated to him at the London Victoria & Albert Museum. A collection of objects belonging to the singer, including handwritten lyrics, videos, photos and musical instruments will be on display. But for me, the highlight of the exhibition will be some of his original costumes made with the help of designers, stylists and artists of all kinds.

This is an exhibition that will not only attract David Bowie music fans but, more in general, those who love experimentation and the contamination of different languages. And for those who believe, in the vast and complex world of modern art, that style doesn’t take a backseat.