A Treviso-born food champion



I was glad to read a piece of news reported, among other media outlets, by Italian business newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore because I knew it would give me the opportunity to talk about something really close to my heart. It involves Treviso-born company Forno D’Asolo – a market leader in the production of croissants, desserts and other baked products – and the story develops within the hills surrounding this beautiful town in Northern Italy, the same hills I call home, in a small mill where five generations ago the Gallina family established its business.

In 1985 brothers Fabio and Paolo Gallina decided to take a different, more modern approach, with the aim of broadening their customer base and expand the reach of those delicacies produced daily in the family bakery.

21 Investimenti chose to invest in Forno d’Asolo to valorise their industrial heritage and brand, an excellence in the production of true ‘Made in Italy’ bakery goods.

Today we are adding another tile in the growth strategy we have devised for this food gem, with the aim of moving forward, on foreign markets in particular: Forno d’Asolo has in fact just acquired La Donatella, one of Italy’s key producers of filled cakes and baked pies, renowned for its outstanding tiramisù.

From Treviso towards the world: what a fantastic journey! One I know well…