A special day


Contemporary Art

Tomorrow is an important day. Not only because it is Christmas Eve but also because our magazine COLORS, in occasion of the first Independence celebrations in Libya for 42 years, is donating the UNHATE DOVE to the city of Tripoli.

The UNHATE DOVE is a sculpture whose plumage is covered in more than 15 thousand spent shell cases. It represents a tangible trace of death and it is not a coincidence that these cases were collected by collaborators of Fabrica, in countries where violent conflict is still strong.

The donation of the UNHATE DOVE is an initiative that makes us particularly proud; it represents a gesture of hope and peace in a country that has recently made a decisive move towards freedom. It is also the first concrete gesture of the UNHATE Foundation, which we have created to counteract the culture of hatred and to foster a desire to participate in change among citizens of the world and young people in particular.