Every road leads to us: Andrea De Spirt’s journey



An entrepreneur’s office can easily transform into a cage, most times a psychological one. To develop new ideas, reinventing yourself and being open towards casual encounters is of key-importance: the unexpected can often lead to extraordinary opportunities. For this reason, Andrea De Spirt impressed me deeply. Andrea is a young entrepreneur from the Veneto region – founder of JobYourLife, an online recruiting platform – that has decided to cover via Francigena’s 1200 km. The adventure is called ‘Every road leads to us’ and Andrea has successfully completed it on June 21 – last Saturday – in Puglia.

De Spirt explains that “you need to confront yourself with the outside world, with people who live in small towns and with who is everyday contributing to this country.” And he has indeed chosen an unconventional way to do it, especially if you live and work constantly connected to the Internet. On the road one wonders, how many encounters, how many stories, how many new ideas were born and developed down the line. It will all be brought back home, and why not? Even back to the office. Read this anecdote, to get a taste of what his journey has been like.

Today the voice outside the chorus was in the form of a writing on the wall “Leave every hope behind”. This writing this morning gave me a track to follow and to which I felt compelled to find an answer to. An answer that came just after few steps. We were walking on an extremely dry, bare, inhospitable land. A couple of km later we lifted our eyes and suddenly we were overwhelmed by a blinding red carpet, a seemingly endless poppy flowers field. Mother Nature was teaching us to widen our horizons, to reconsider our territorial and psychological boundaries, to restrain from giving up despite the surrounding aridity, to just believe in it.

If you want to retrace the ‘Every road leads to us’ adventure, Andrea told all about it on JobYourLife’s blog.

And indeed congratulations to Andrea, he has crossed a truly important finish line.