An app that gets you moving



I am always keen to learn about new technologies, especially when they are easy to use and offer clear benefits. I recently came across one based on the need for physical exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. I was intrigued by this new app called Human, the purpose of which is very simple: to get people moving at least 30 minutes a day. The app keeps track of where you are and of how much you have moved about, whether walking, running or cycling, and it encourages you to achieve a target by the end of each day.

Why 30 minutes, you might ask? Is this a lot or not very much? According to the people behind Human, it represents the level of physical activity required to prevent obesity, many cardiovascular problems, and certain types of diabetes. Too sedentary a lifestyle can have serious repercussions: not only in human terms (for people who fall ill, and their relatives), but also in economic terms.

But if a short walk is sufficient to reverse this trend and a simple app can help us attain an objective, then I welcome Human: an app that does us good.