A day in Trentino with the younger generations


About me

In the morning I was asked to take part to an event organised by Istituto Tecnico Fontana to celebrate its 160-year-long history. The invitation came from a student actually, Francesco Trentini, who wrote me a letter asking for advice. He wanted to know how to choose the right career path, the areas of expertise one should focus on, whether today it would be still possible to establish a company.

Once there, I was welcomed by a remarkable interviewer, Alessandro Garofalo, who managed to charm the audience with his intense and direct approach.

An interesting chat where I tried to provoke the younger generations and at the same time encourage them to believe in their dreams, work hard to achieve them and even fail, aware of the fact that this process can lead to new interpretations of reality and discontinuities that can help us see the world under a different light.

In Rovereto I just couldn’t resist dropping by the Mart, one of Italy’s most important museums of modern and contemporary art. An immersion in beauty in the company of a local friend, Matteo Lunali, a young yet already extraordinary entrepreneur.

Last but not least, we paid a visit to Polo della Meccatronica and the Industrio guys, where I was told about many brilliant business ideas currently taking the first steps within an incredibly favourable context. I was captivated by their contagious enthusiasm and positive energy, a confirmation of how important it is to believe in our country and our youth!