Surfing in the woods: the peculiar story of Snowdonia

February 26, 2015 in Sport

An innovative idea to inject new life into a compromised area

Hobie Alter Memorial Paddle

Aloha Hobie, and thank you!

June 5, 2014 in Sport

Many sports become a philosophy, a way of life. But only a few are elevated to the ranks of a religion and their stars become cult figures. So it is with Hobie Alter, known to everybody as “Hobie”, just like his famous catamarans, who died in March.

The tribal charm of the surfboard - Alessandro Benetton blog

The tribal charm of the surfboard

January 22, 2014 in Sport

When you see them with their tips pointed towards the sky and those designs that look like tattooed warnings, time seems to rewind, back to the very essence of things...

No pain, no gain - The Alessandro Benetton blog

No pain, no gain

July 30, 2012 in Sport

Tenacity is the ability not to give up in the face of difficulty, the force that drives us to remain true to ourselves even when everything seems to work against...