Leaving everything behind to open an orphanage in Kenya



A beautiful anecdote, one of those rare experiences worth being recounted anytime and anywhere, even on this blog. It’s the story of a German young man, Torsten Kremser, who, after withdrawing all his lifesavings, established an orphanage Kenya, in the town of Kisumu. His humanitarian organisation, Cheap Impact, supported the building of the Korando Educational Center: a special structure, to say the least, entirely self-sufficient and incredibly high-energy. Korando is more than a shelter for those kids that have lost their parents, it’s a key education centre.

While on a trip in Africa, Torsten met former teacher Mama Dolphine, an african lady who, in order to emerge from a state of extreme grief caused by the loss of her two children, decided to create a cosy space where all those orphaned kids roaming the streets of her town could feel welcome and safe. Torsten decided then to help her out in making this dream come true by launching a fundraising campaign among friends and acquaintances. The following step involved founding Cheap Impact, a humanitarian organisation to help financing the centre.

“We didn’t really know what we are getting into when we started this project. In March we reached Korando in Kenya with about 3000 Euros from our own funds and donations. Not really enough to do anything lasting. But the idea of Cheap Impact was powerful and so we just moved ahead not knowing the how, but knowing the goal.”

The power of projects and ideas… today Korando accommodates over 200 kids. You have my most heartfelt congratulations.