March 8, 2013

Art and creativity, an antidote against fear. From Brazil with Unhate


Art and creativity, an antidote against fear. From Brazil with Unhate - Alessandro Benetton blog

I want to share this film that documents, with great sensitivity, a project the Unhate Foundation made possible in São Pauloin cooperation with the Brazilian organization Projeto Quixote. The project took the form of a creative workshop organised by “Colors” magazine and Fabrica, involving twenty-five young people coming from situations of risk or conditions of social vulnerability.

In line with the theme of some recent issues of “Colors”, each of these young people created their own personal “survival manual” on their city: a sort of handbook made of clippings, photographs and stories to recount their daily lives and lift the veil of indifference that hides them from our view.

The director, Fernanda Fernandes, who shot the film and witnessed the various phases of the project wrote to me saying, “It was incredible to translate into images what it means for these kids to survive on the streets. However, the most important thing was to give them the possibility of being heard”.

In conclusion, this was undeniably a profound experience of exchange and sharing. Art can also be an antidote against the fear of others, of those who are perceived as different – which is certainly one of the main causes of the marginalisation and prejudice that affect these young people. Enjoy the film.

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One Response to “Art and creativity, an antidote against fear. From Brazil with Unhate”

  1. Aerton says:

    Congratulations. I live in São Paulo, I run from here to there every day and all this young people pass by me like invisible. This project show me how deep is the problem but how rich are the possibilities. Sometimes we need to share experiences with others, like you’re doing now, and when the time comes is usual to ask ourselves “what this film/project will promote on people that will see it ?” Well, for me, seeing this video early in this gray morning in São Paulo, touched me more than I could imagine when I started. Don’t know why, but while I was writing this post the music “What a wonderfull world” came to my mind… “I see friends shaking hands, saying how do you do, they really say, I love you….”. Thanks a lot you all !

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